The Village in the snow

A little something inspired by the recent snow events... and this week's Project Create entry. The Village Grocery clerks keeping stores open Utility crews restoring power Snowplow drivers clearing streets, roads, highways Mail carriers delivering our messages Neighbors pushing cars out of snow and out of trouble Friends calling to see how we are after … Continue reading The Village in the snow

Creation: It’s contagious (Project Create)

It is, as a friend of mine said, contagious. This idea of committing to doing something crazy and wonderful, like writing fifty-thousand words of a novel in thirty days, or publishing a new demo song each week for a whole year, or walking a labyrinth at least once a day, or getting a short story … Continue reading Creation: It’s contagious (Project Create)

First Novel, Seeking Good Home

Ninety-one thousand words. Three years, six months, fourteen days in the writing (so far). A story that spans thirty years, two continents, three generations, and at least four planets. Two friends who learn what can happen when you decide to trust one another, and of course, follow your dog. It's time for this novel to … Continue reading First Novel, Seeking Good Home

Something worth sharing

As I get closer to arranging my work life with more time for creative projects, and less time for paid work (all donations, contributions, alms, etc accepted with deep and humble gratitude, and I'll spend them on something worthwhile, I promise, no really, I will), I find it's important to support other artists who are … Continue reading Something worth sharing

When you are old, everything reminds you

I read this piece - written to a friend a couple of years ago - at another friend's 50th birthday party tonight. It was great fun to hear his laughter. The last time I bought a hair dryer, Bill Clinton was president. It was early enough in his presidency that we still thought he would … Continue reading When you are old, everything reminds you