Euro trip by the numbers

  I've been back in Seattle nearly a full week. I've done half a dozen loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, walked my doggy, reminded the kitties that their feeding routine doesn't change just because I'm around, received some really nice welcome back greetings at the office, cleaned up the yard a bit, and slept … Continue reading Euro trip by the numbers


Heading for the train station in Bratislava to catch the train for Vienna. Early early early Monday morning  local time, getting on a plane for Seattle. It's been nearly six weeks since I drove a car. I've walked around five castles, been chased by sheep, made new friends, new enemies, and had roaches for roommates. I've learned a lot about … Continue reading Returning

Ready for adventure? Uvidime.

On Saturday I leave for a work assignment that will keep me in Europe (Bulgaria, Slovakia, Greece, Switzerland) for about eight weeks. Most of that time I'll be in a tiny town in Bulgaria where the university I work for offers undergraduate business programs. I don't know if you've ever decided to do something so … Continue reading Ready for adventure? Uvidime.

Leaping (and crawling) toward independence

Each year on July 4, I try to celebrate  independence from something for the day. Past years have included independence from judging other people, from being afraid, and from sweets. (Don't ask. Didn't really work that well.) This year, I wasn't sure until this morning what it would be. Celebrating independence from work seemed both … Continue reading Leaping (and crawling) toward independence