Heading for the train station in Bratislava to catch the train for Vienna. Early early early Monday morning  local time, getting on a plane for Seattle.

It’s been nearly six weeks since I drove a car.

I’ve walked around five castles, been chased by sheep, made new friends, new enemies, and had roaches for roommates. I’ve learned a lot about myself and what it means to make my own decisions. I’ve seen acts of tremendous kindness and generosity, said some very sad goodbyes, and experienced unexpressable beauty.

I’ve already forgotten things I hoped to remember, and remember things I wish I could forget. Worked hard and played hard too. Took lots of pictures but the most important images are the ones in my heart.

Time to return and see what that is like, too. Uvidime.

To my new and old friends: dakujem, mersi, danke schoen, and thank you.

Cau for now.

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