Inspiration for adventure

Every writer, every artist in another "official" medium, and every artist of life in general, needs inspiration. The good news is, inspiration is everywhere. The trick is to recognize it when we see it. Today I saw inspiration in a new friend of mine. J. is about five feet tall, and weighs something like one … Continue reading Inspiration for adventure

The Journey at Home (Hint: Word Hunters, Look Here!)

Most stories involve travel, in the form of a journey. You know the cliché about the “hero’s journey.” It’s used all the time because it’s something we can relate to – the need to get away, to explore, to experience the unfamiliar and unknown, to travel far and wide before we can find our way … Continue reading The Journey at Home (Hint: Word Hunters, Look Here!)

Euro trip by the numbers

  I've been back in Seattle nearly a full week. I've done half a dozen loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, walked my doggy, reminded the kitties that their feeding routine doesn't change just because I'm around, received some really nice welcome back greetings at the office, cleaned up the yard a bit, and slept … Continue reading Euro trip by the numbers


Heading for the train station in Bratislava to catch the train for Vienna. Early early early Monday morning  local time, getting on a plane for Seattle. It's been nearly six weeks since I drove a car. I've walked around five castles, been chased by sheep, made new friends, new enemies, and had roaches for roommates. I've learned a lot about … Continue reading Returning

PNP visits the PMP

    This is my favorite building in the old town part of Bratislava. It's the Primaciálny palác (Primate's Palace). It was built in the late eighteenth century. It has a beautiful façade and pretty courtyard with a fountain where someone is slaying a three-headed dragon. It's pink. You know who you are, the friend … Continue reading PNP visits the PMP

Blue. Himmel. Heaven.

The stained glass windows done by Marc Chagall in the Fraumunster church in Zurich, Switzerland. I discovered them when looking for a place to get out of the rain while walking around Zurich today. This is the sort of place that makes an atheist grateful for believers and proves the existence of grace. Here's a … Continue reading Blue. Himmel. Heaven.

Walking with sheep, goats, and wolves

On my first morning in Pravetz, Bulgaria, I took a walk toward the edge of town. Keep in mind that "edge of town" is a relative concept when the town is this small. Before long I encountered a flock of sheep heading into a little field to graze. There were one or two goats, too, … Continue reading Walking with sheep, goats, and wolves