The Joys of Laundry

When you are on an extended trip far from home, little things become big. Like figuring out the train system, learning how to dial the right international phone code, knowing to check for toilet paper before it’s too late, and finding a place to buy a Coke, maybe even one that is already cold.

And laundry. When you get to do laundry in a real washing machine, not your hotel sink. And you know you can go to sleep that night in clean jammies.

Another little thing that is big – connecting with someone across barriers of language, culture, class, age, etc. Friday afternoon at the beautiful marble entry hall of one of the old Sofia University buildings, while I was waiting for my ride after attending an academic ceremony there, two security guards trying to close the place up. I managed to tell them I was an “Amelikan,” and they managed to communicate their pride in the beautiful place where they work. And for a few minutes, we were all laughing as they stomped and clapped to show me how the huge hall echoes when it is nearly empty. No words needed for that.

Every day, good luck comes in the strangest of ways – Chris Rea.

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