Letter from Earth

I’ve been reading Mark Twain’s Letters from the Earth, a series of short pieces edited by Bernard DeVoto. In the title story, Lucifer goes to Earth and writes about his observations to the other angels; he is shocked to discover that humans praise a concept of heaven that includes everything they do not like on Earth (everyone singing all the time, no matter the quality of their voices, while on Earth a concert never lasts much more than two hours, for example); and nothing they seem to adore (like sex). This got me thinking: what would you put in your Heaven, if you could include anything you wanted there?

Here’s the start of my list, which is this week’s Project Create:


Sun reflecting on water

A live Beatles concert, with all four (and your choice of Fifth Beatle)



Sunshine reflecting on water

Baked potatoes

Homemade bread


Nearly all books written by Tom Robbins

The color orange

Comfortable shoes that are also cute


Raspberries still warm from the sun

More dogs

A collection of Police Blotters from the Ellensburg Daily Record


Meat-free “cheat loaf” from Linda McCartney’s cookbook

Warm sweaters

Snow falling gently at dusk


More dogs

Everyone I love

The moon

I’d love to read your lists, too!

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