Storm Takes the Valley

There was a gorgeous thunder and lightning storm that swept across the Kittitas valley this afternoon. I was out walking the John Wayne Trail, and got soaked, and happy. This poem is this week’s Project Create. 

The light turns funny from the impending storm

You know, how it can be dark and heavy and bright all at once

An eerie light

Cows call to each other, birds sing out, dogs howl

Then silence

Thunder rumbles, making you wish there was a better verb to describe what the thunder does, how it makes you feel, how its sound affects the light, how can it do that, you wonder, but it does

You see lightening and realize the only things outside and moving are you and cars, only man-made machines, and you

The cows, birds, and dogs have hunkered down

You are soon soaked by rain

Your joy expands with each drop that hits the ground and bounces up at you

It ends too soon and the wind starts to dry your clothes and the cows and dogs and birds speak up again and it ends

Too soon.

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