What the Buddha Brings

Inspired by a line I read in Sarah Canary, a novel by Karen Joy Fowler (who also taught a wonderful writing class at Hugo House in Seattle a couple of years ago), a little list. Try it: write “What the Buddha Brings” at the top of a page, then start your own list. Write the first ten, or twenty, or one hundred things that come to mind. See what you come up with. Here’s this week’s Project Create.

The Buddha also brings goats. I hope!

What the Buddha Brings, He Brings: A List

1. Love

2. Warmth

3. Fire

4. Smoke

5. Books

6. Pain

7. Guilt

8. Loneliness

9. Friends

10. Fear

11. Dogs

12. Laughter

13. Words

14. Music

15. Food

16. Trees

17. Cold

18. Wind

19. Spirit

20. Love

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